Get Rid of Wrinkles With Facial Yoga

Have you even considered other methods of getting rid of wrinkles besides beauty treatments? Facial Yoga is one of the most unconventional ways to prevent the ageing of your skin and elasticity and it is starting to gain popularity among women, from celebrities to busy career women or stay-at-home moms.

Facial Yoga Exercises for Regaining Tonus

Facial Yoga is incredibly easy and fun and can’t be done anytime, anywhere and people that practice it say that it even if you only do one exercise a day you will see results. Although it might seem strange that making silly faces in front of your mirror can actually help, there is a simple explanation behind Facial Yoga: by working your facial muscles you stretch your skin and give it a younger look. Also, the exercises help improve the blood flow and make it easy for nutrients to reach that area. Here are five exercises that can really do wonders for your skin.

Firm Cheeks

Take a deep breath, fill your cavity with air, and while keeping your lips sealed together move the air around until you run out of breath. This will bring color to your face and keep your cheeks looking beautiful.

Eye Wrinkles

We all know how annoying they can be and how hard to get rid of once they appear. Widen your eyes and focus on a fixed point for about ten seconds, without raising your eyebrows because that will cause your forehead to wrinkle. Do this every day, at least five time and the fine lines around your eyes will stretch considerably.

Firm Lips

Kiss your trouble away with this fun and easy exercise. Arch your lips like you are blowing kisses to someone, without moving your eyebrows. Do this at least five times and they press your lips with two fingers; two are three times. Your lips will remain firm, and the wrinkles around your mouth will reduce.

Improve Facial Blood Flow

Widen your eyes open your mouth and stick out your tongue as far as possible towards the end of your chin. Keep the position for about eight seconds, then have a break and do it again. This fun exercise helps release a hormone with anti-ageing properties.

Firm Chin

While letting your head fall back, stick out your tongue and arch it up, towards your nose. Keep this position for about ten seconds, have a little break and do it again. If done daily, this will help you get rid of the loose skin on your neck and chin.

As you can see, Facial Yoga is fun and extremely easy do to so don’t forget to take a little time for yourself from your busy day and to some exercises and the results will be excellent on the long run. Aside from working its making on your wrinkles and loose skin, they will offer you a few moments of relaxation, which are always welcomed in our stressful and busy lives.

Photo Credit: AmandaD_TX